We believe in learning outside the box. Classroom environments can be limiting and boring for some students. Becoming a vibrant contributing adult in our society takes more than just completing a curriculum and passing tests.

Sometimes, you need to learn outside the box!

Abantey, the Roleplay Workshop, is dedicated to providing the best educational enrichment possible. We’ve been providing a fun and safe environment in the San Francisco Bay Area to help motivate and enrich the minds of today’s youth – ages 12 and up, since 1989!

Abantey is an interactive storytelling game that:

    • Teaches students math, science, and problem solving skills.
    • Allows youth to work through complicated mysteries to create their own story.
    • Teaches youth personal responsibility both in the game and in real world using fantasy scenarios.
    • Allows youth to experiment, succeed, fail, and learn in a safe environment that teaches about real life consequences.
    • Is completely computer and technology free with a focus on interaction between players and making new friends.
    • Allows youth to become a hero and maybe even the stuff of legends!

The Roleplay Workshop offers programs during school holidays and after school during the school year. Between June and September we offer summer camps for all ages and camping trips for teens. We also have Abantey programs for adults, for youth with special needs, and for special occasions like birthday parties.

Our programs are held inside of our favorite local game store (Dr Comics & Mr Games; 4014 Piedmont Ave., Oakland, CA 94611). We can arrange to run a program at YOUR favorite location! Please call (510.654.3582) or email us if you have questions, would like to enroll, or if you would like us to run a program at your location!

Changes are coming in late September or early October! The new programs and enrollment will begin in October.Learn More