The Stories of Apoc-Abantey

Here are the consolidated stories of the split Apoc-Abantey timeline. They include all stories from all the current Apoc-Abantey game groups.

The stories are sorted by Abantey date, with the oldest at the beginning.

You can follow each game’s stories using the links below:


11/21/367 Chasah Returns

Abantey Date: 11/21 – 11/22/367 A.L. Excerpts from Captain Ra Mano Tev Aoturoa Singa’s Log Havalok Ship: Kohana Machteld (Swift, Mighty in Battle) Chasah has returned… without our Rogue passengers. The Silver Sun Academy is not, in fact, abandoned. She speaks of a large number of Rogues living there now… Rogues who possess the magics
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11/24/367 War Room

Abantey Date: 11/24/367 A.L. Sheriff’s Residence – Gil, CORE Territories The rays of sunlight cast long shadows from the windows into the musty office. Jimena Slaar was one of these shadows, looking dispassionately through the glass. The office itself was paneled in fine dark woods, offering an imposing atmosphere: a matching set of hard-backed leather
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11/25/367 Dirty Hands

Abantey Date: 11/25/367

15 miles WSW of Century Point, Plajet Territories

“Come on, all together now!”

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