We’ve been running games and training Game Masters how to create engaging stories since 1989 – nearly 30 years – and have developed several workshops that target challenging areas of game design and play.

Each of these hands-on workshops is designed to teach specific skills through practice, exercises, and feedback.

  • You can enroll in single workshops at $100 $75.00! per workshop.
  • All four workshops for $300.00 $240.00!
  • Early bird registration – single workshops for the 4-Pack price! $75.00 $60.00!

These programs are open to ages 14 and up!

 Join us to improve your game!

Our programs are held inside of our favorite local game store:

Dr Comics & Mr Games, 4014 Piedmont Ave., Oakland, CA 94611

If you have questions please call (510.654.3582) or send us an email.


Environment & Model Design: Engineering the Encounter

Learn the principles of crafting 3-D terrain and environmental models to liven up your game encounters. Work with an expert who has custom crafted everything from buildings, to vehicles (wagons, boats, and even space vessels), to larger structures such as a Mage’s Tower or Deep Space Station.

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World Design: Filling in the Blank Spaces on the Map

How do you build a game world that is compelling, consistent, and that players find deeply engrossing? Join the Creator of the Abantey system and world to tackle the challenges you face creating a world uniquely your own. Whether you’re just starting out or wish to fine tune the details of your existing campaign world, we can help flesh out any and all historical, geographical, or cultural niches.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Story & Campaign Design: From Humble Beginnings to Epic Conclusion

The heart of the Game Master experience is creating the proper canvas for the players’ stories to unfold. How do you draw players into a story? How do you provide opportunity for character development – without forcing them to change or allowing them to be stagnant? How do you structure the arc of a campaign – knowing full-well that players may take the story in an unforeseen direction?

This workshop seeks to answer these and many other questions to help you build the perfect story for your players.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Save My Game Group! – Tabletop Paramedics

Inter-player conflict. General disinterest. A game group who can’t put the clues together. Issues like these can bring a campaign to a grinding halt and it falls on the Game Master to prevent them before they occur or remediate them if necessary.

The Roleplay Workshop has trained their staff to deal with these gaming issues, and more. Whether you just want to develop an awareness of potential problems or have a full-blown disaster in the works – we would like to share what we’ve learned with you!

Saturday, July 15, 2017