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Take part in epic adventures in custom-crafted tabletop roleplaying game worlds directed by Game Masters with decades of experience.

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Abantey offers the adventures of fantasy with a game realistic enough to be believable, and creative enough to allow you to do anything that you can imagine.

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Custom-crafted RPG worlds

These aren’t modules! Each game takes place in a game master designed, ever evolving world. As your party goes on adventures, your story becomes part of the world’s story! Your group’s story can affect every other group playing in your setting – a true living RPG world.

Epic stories

Build your character through epic journeys in masterfully created settings. Adventure across fantastic worlds, negotiate with the black market, battle an elite team of assassins, break into a bank vault, have dinner with royalty – and much more! It’s your story!

Local and remote gameplay

Play your next adventure live at-the-table in Oakland, California or join remotely from the comfort of your home. Our games have a mix of in-person and remote players from as far away as New Zealand!

Each game group has its own channel on our Abantey Discord server.


In 1988, Becky began creating a roleplaying game world featuring powerful gods, distinctive cultures and ancestries, a unique magic system, and game mechanics designed to model realistic combat. In this sandbox game world, the players shape the world, exploring the world and cultures, diving into complex political intrigue, and creating new challenges for future players.

Thousands of hours of gameplay and hundreds of players have shaped the world and game system.

Behind it all is a mysterious secret about how the world works – join us and see if you can figure it out!

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The actions of one group of players caused a world-wide catastrophe, creating a new timeline – an Abantey multiverse! Their battle with the Creator Os’Gnihton did not go as planned, and now the gods have fallen from the skies!

Play in a time of turmoil as the skies glow red with the fires of a thousand volcanoes, tsunamis destroy trade cities, and an ice age looms. The gods have fallen and their people seek to survive without their guidance. Old powers battle with new ones, and the player characters can be the architects of the world that emerges from The Fall.

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Legacy of Krenn, the D&D 5e world developed by Steve Kani, uses classic elements of fantasy – elves, humans, and orcs – with the machinations of Gods and Churches.

Five hundred years after the War of the Undead and the Fall of Magic, in a time of brewing war between nation-states, the undead have returned! Agents of the nobility have forged a common purpose with agents of the Church of Honor and Justice, to hunt down those responsible, and put down the forces of darkness.

Your team will help determine the outcome of this timeless battle!

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Becky’s CyberPunk game world fuses the structure and ideas of Mike Pondsmith’s original roleplaying game of the dark future with Becky’s vision of a Bay Area of the near future. Play in a world full of corporate assassins, heavy-metal heroes and brain- burning hackers, packed with cutting- edge technology and intense urban action.

Join in the struggle between the haves and the have-nots, between corporations and the people struggling to survive in the slums and ruins caused by the climate crisis. See if you can decipher the dark machinations of Einfactstern Genetic (a subsidiary of Biotechnica – an evil corporate giant) and save the people they hunt.

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