07/13/367 Outside the Hybrid Zone and Beyond

Oct 29, 2016Apoc-Abantey, Apoc-Abantey 2

Abantey Dates: 7/13 – 11/15/367 A.L.*

There are many places you don’t want to be when the Apocalypse hits Abantey.

In a zeppelin above the Tabur Hybrid Zone is one of those places – but that is where we, the gallant adventurers of this tale, found ourselves on 7/13/367. This was problematic for three reasons:

  1. Zeppelins are piloted by Marked Plajets – and all Marked people were struck blind and deaf by this catastrophe
  2. The Hybrid Zone was breaking open. The inhabitants were quite hungry… and some of them had wings.
  3. A couple of us turned out to be Gnihtons (surprise! surprise!) – and the rest of us are trained to kill any Gnihtons on sight…
  4. Oh there’s actually a fourth one too… we found out Os’Gnihton decided to hide a puzzle box containing some pretty dangerous stuff in the back of our cargo hold!

So you can see, all in all, it was a minor miracle that we all made it out of that little snafu – minus a Gnihton, but hey, who’s counting?

We went on to save some people… and not save some others (Rest in Peace, Ash, Ember, and everyone who worked at Ash’s Tower). And we were tasked by the surviving bigwigs to find important people who might have some idea of what the heck to do.

We had some fun times with Mavromata – involving a cat, the finest Artist’s Guild in Kiki, and lots, lots, lots of plasma. We also met Os’Wa’la – who’s now a REALLY big Draajen! Some of us made a blood pact with It (totally can’t go wrong… right?).

We traveled the world for a while trying to find out what had happened to the other Creators…

Os’Baluud was nice – but she did ask us to retrieve the Elder Druid. A man with incredible powers who had been banished to the frozen northern reaches of Baluud… a place known as the Dark Wood. This place is wild! Plants, animals, and people – yes, people! – that look like nothing else on Abantey.

In Sakeet, we found Os’Sakeet (or at least one of them?) on a great marble throne, calling a meeting of the clans. After proving ourselves in his arena, he agreed to lend us his aid – we’re still not quite sure if that’s a good thing or not…

We also met an ancient being called Azifor (or something like that) who is pretty pissed with the Creators for some shady stuff they did over a thousand years ago.

We’ve got a lot of challenges and negotiations ahead of us … but with a team like ours: a gladiator with a pet Gnihton, not one but two aberrants, a Baluud Hunter, a smiling con man who likes to make pacts with powerful entities, and the best chef in all of Sakeet… it can’t be too hard right?

-J. Albers

*After Lore – the time of the Rogue-ing and the beginning of the Rogue Culture – 1000 years from the creation of the World of Abantey.