09/15/367 The Havalok

Nov 24, 2016Apoc-Abantey, Apoc-Abantey 2

Abantey Date: 9/15 – 11/17/367 A.L.

Excerpts from Captain Ra Mano Tev Aoturoa Singa’s Log

Havalok Ship: Kohana Machteld (Swift, Mighty in Battle)

The Will of Os’Sakeet – travel with the four Rogues and their Baluud companion, gather strategic information about the state of the world after the Fall of the Creators, be prepared to provide aid in resisting the atrocities of the Fallen Os’Plajet, and hold fast to the Code of Honor.

We travel with Samavir (Hero of Battle), Captained by Ra Sayyidah Bar Tahuna Shaad. She and I must follow the commands of the Priesten assigned to each ship, Ra Halcyone Lar Shukla for me, and Tev Rayce Ra Eattuo for Captain Sayyidah, in all non-ship decisions. They are not all that is outside our usual crew. Instead of our regular crew and Mernok to repair the ship drives, we each have four squads of Havalok, each with three scouts, one Mernok, one Ship-Smith, and one Priesten-who answers to the lead Priesten of the ship, instead of the Captain.

We stopped to investigate a large piece of Sky Metal in the Jungles of Baluud – and many of us fell ill and required the magic healing of our Priesten, and the Baluud Hunter, Sharduul. The Rogues brought a large egg-like piece of debris back to the ship, which caused many problems. A woman, Lumikki, somewhat like a Plajet, emerged from the egg claiming to have been of the Star of Os’Feesha.

We stopped in Ma’ayo where we visited the Baluud Tree, and our Priesten met to discuss the Fall of the Creators. Once we were back to sea, the duplicity of the Rogues was revealed, when their careless actions brought the wrath of Os’Wa’la and its Draajen to our ships. They killed the Draajen Sübaator Shan and angered Ngola Shankou, who took the strange woman from us.

avalanchThe Rogues, with the blessings of our Priesten, had us make way to the island of Khrebhet. There Ra Chasah Tev Charita Sorris – a Priesten traveling with the Rogues – led a team of two scouts, Sharduul, and the Rogues to visit an entity, Azifor, at a Womb of the World. I was reluctant to allow Rogues to go to this holy place of the Creators, but Ra Halcyone had the final say. They took a brodic (small ship) and were gone for three days. They returned with a strange dog and items of magic from Azifor. The nine of them have forged a bond as warriors do after surviving great battle.

Halcyone and Rayce then directed our ships to the Kiki-Repast Land Between, to investigate this ‘Mavromata’, a supposedly powerful rogue mage, who may be a threat. Once again, Chasah took a brodic with the Rogues, Sharduul, and my scouts, Lar Eshana and Tev Jignesh. Once more, they were gone for two days. Chasah reports that Mavromata has consolidated the entire area under his rule and is using magics of the Creators to maintain his power. They are extremely well organized, and though the villagers and townspeople are weak compared to my warriors, they are many.

Sayyidah and I, with the counsel of our Priesten, have agreed that this is a battle for a future time, and we’ve set course for the Tabur Area and Os’Plajet. Chasha, Sharduul, and the Rogues discuss their course of action with Halcyone privately, concealing their true plans from Sayyidah and me.

-B. Thomas