09/29/367 … can you hear me… 

Mar 10, 2018Apoc-Abantey, Apoc-Abantey 1

[Transmission Begins]

“… perhaps you should reconsider it’s… [inaudible – 2 seconds].. in fact, your friends already guaranteed us that he’s listening.”

After today, it may not matter, but I’ll be careful.”

“When you’re ready, go ahead and press that button.. oh… you already did. I’ll just step outside. It’s 0752, you have less than 5 minutes to join the rest.”

[Audible deep breath, exhale]

“This is ACM Mara of the Slaar Clan. This message is intended for the Commander of the Slaar Forces and any allies with a vested interest…”

[5 seconds, audible breathing]

“I don’t have much time, so I should just cut to the chase. The city of Kotlas is infested by a Blight. According to Simi and Roger the cause of the Starfall interacted with one of the Ta’as buildings to create this abomination. The Blight consumes everything – snow, rock, buildings, people. Even worse, it learns and adapts. It’s made of countless creatures with a singular mind and purpose.There’s too much information to cover now, but know that in our short time here, we’ve made some very powerful allies, acquired resources I’d have a difficult time explaining, and amassed an army that would make any Slaar General proud. In just a few minutes we’ll launch a coordinated offensive on the Blight using every resource at our disposal. Complete eradication of the Blight is our only chance for survival.

Commander… you know me well. We’ve fought side-by-side. We’ve survived countless battles, hybrid incursions, and every enemy foolish enough to challenge us. You stood with me when the Overfiend took control of my parents. And together, we gave them deaths befitting Slaar warriors. Even then, not once did I lose hope. Your strength carried us all. Even in the heat of battle, we knew the clan would survive, adapt, and rebuild so long as we fought together…

“Commander… you know me well enough to understand I don’t say this lightly: If we are not victorious here in the land of Ta’as – with the thousands of soldiers at our disposal, the most powerful Magiks I’ve yet to see, and Magitek you would not believe – then all is lost. You can prepare for battle, but it won’t be one that Slaar can win alone.

“If we don’t succeed, know that we all fought to our last breath. Hell, even if we succeed chances are that some of us won’t be coming back.”

[5 seconds, deep breath]

“In any case, I hope you have the chance to laugh at me and call me melodramatic for the first time in my life, but just in case… tell my brother to train the troops like never before – tell him to gather as many Amethyst casters as possible – you’ll need them. Tell the troops to steel themselves – no battle will ever be more honorable. And Commander, gather all allies you know. Gather your enemies, pool resources – do whatever must be done to combine forces – this Blight cares not of sides or politics. It only consumes.

“And Commander… it was an honor to fight by your side.”

[Static, noise in the background]

“Mara, 0755, Recon is up, strike teams are ready, clean-up crews assembled, faction leadership just finished briefing their troops, everyone is just waiting for the go-ahead from Command. The others are waiting.”

“Everything I do… I do for Slaar.”

[Transmission Ends]