The Stories of Abantey

Here are the consolidated stories of the main Abantey timeline. They include all stories from all the current Abantey game groups. The stories are sorted by Abantey date, with the oldest at the beginning.

You can follow each game’s stories using the links below:

  • Abantey 1 Blog (ages 14-18) (1st & 3rd Friday, 6 – 10 PM)
  • Abantey 2 Blog (ages 14-18) (1st Saturday, noon – 5 PM)
  • Abantey 3 Blog (ages 21+) (2nd & 4th Sunday, noon – 5 PM)
  • Abantey 4 Blog ( ages 21+) (1st Sunday, noon – 5 PM)
  • Abantey 5 Blog (ages 14-18) (2nd & 4th Friday, 6 – 10 PM)

08/23/376 Sabo

It was done, the running, the hiding, the long teleport from Katman to Sabo, moving into a new home provided by the Librarian’s Guild, meeting the staff, unpacking. It was done. The staff had prepared an excellent dinner, they had eaten, and now for the first time in days, the five of them had nothing
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12/20/380 Nar Ram Mar

12/19 – 20/380 A.L.* Sergeant Ar Rashid scrutinized the list of his subordinates again. A sigh. A careful sip of tea, savoring the sublime taste. Who should he send on this mission? It required some finesse and skill, so the Privates wouldn’t do. The boat trip would take two to three months each way, so
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12/22/380 Nar Ram Mar

Lunch becomes an Adventure 12/22 – 12/24/380 A.L.* In a rare show of generosity, our Slaar Clan superior, Captain Kapena, has given a day pass to the hybrids Stilgar, Daitya, and Svetovid. Svetovid, in particular, is not allowed out of the compound without escort and he is swathed in desert robes to conceal his obvious
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12/23/380 Sabo

Our Quiet is shattered by a revelation 12/23/380 A.L.  From the journal of Rowan Sierra Today should have been like every other day of the past three years, barring that (admittedly disappointing) time Ra-Na and Lycia drank Spherical-Amethyst. A quiet morning of tending the grounds and garden with Francis, a trip into town to visit
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12/25/380 Wonder and tragedy

“Lycia, NO!” Rowan’s shout rang through the trees as the Feeshan loosed her arrow. The white-fletched shaft flew swift and true, punching through the translucent shimmer of a sapphire wall to bury itself in Dervish’s shoulder. Briefly, Rowan wondered how everything could have gone so wrong, so quickly. Their group had arrived at the site
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