The World of Abantey

Thousands of years ago, seven Creators – beings of immense knowledge and power – created the world of Abantey. Each shaped a land and people that was a reflection of their Ways. Os’Baluud whispered of forests tall and broad, animals and people living in harmony. Os’Feesha wove a tale of pleasure and relaxation. Os’Gnihton hailed a world of ever-changing life. Os’Plajet jabbered of tricks, wonders and feats to make all laugh. Os’Sakeet roared of honor, combat, and heroes. Os’Ta’as muttered of rigorous inquiry and amazing discoveries. Os’Wa’la detailed a land and people dedicated to hardship.

The peoples of Abantey are divided between those who are Marked – those who follow the Ways of their Creator – or Rogue – those who have broken away from the Creators’ Ways and seek to forge their own future. You play an adventurer, the brave and talented few that the Creator Temples and Rogue Guilds rely on to protect innocent common folk, handle sensitive missions, and solve mysteries and crimes.

Abantey is the game world that has been the heart of The Roleplay Workshop for more than 27 years. The world and game system of Abantey were conceived to focus on physical, biological, and cultural realism – something many other game systems avoid – while still pushing the boundaries of imagination and creativity that are the hallmark of tabletop roleplaying games.

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Abantey 1 Blog (ages 14-17) (1st & 3rd Friday, 6 – 10 PM)

World changing events are coming to Abantey. Our group of heroes knows nothing of this, as they set sail northward from the bitter cold desert of Nar Ram Mar. Will these extraordinary events find them in the open ocean?

Abantey 2 Blog (ages 14-17)  (3rd Saturday, noon – 5 PM)

The Eighth Creator has been revealed! Abantey is plunged into a whole new level of political intrigue and machinations. The Guilds are seeking old heroes to help with the return of Os’Dagat. Our team of young adventurers have been sent to the desert town of Desolation to look for the infamous Roger Dent.

Abantey 3 Blog (ages 18-20)  (2nd & 4th Saturday, 6 – 11 PM)

Nar Ram Mar – a desolate place in the far south – cold, dry, barren. It is the home of the Slaar Clan – an exclusive people renowned for their dedication to honor and justice. Our heroes, Slaar Clan members and a lone outsider, face a changing world – a world where the balance of power between the Creators and the Rogues is threatened because the Eighth Creator has returned.

Abantey 4 Blog (ages 21+)  (1st Sunday, noon – 5 PM)

Once upon a time our heroes were part of a larger group battling to rebuild the Librarian’s Guild after it was nearly destroyed by an mysterious enemy. Now, after hunting down a leader of that arcane and nefarious group, they struggle to establish new identities and hope to remain hidden from their enemies, while navigating the tumultuous changes as the 8th Creator returns.

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