The Star Fall

The Creators and their stars have fallen from the sky. The Guilds are in full collapse. Coastal trade cities are ravaged by tsunami. Mountains weep fire and brimstone. The sky fills with ash. Those who survive wonder why – how could this happen? Which of the Creators still live, and what will they do now? Who will rise to power to save Abantey, or ruin it?

It’s up to the few remaining intrepid adventurers to find an answer to these questions while saving the desperate survivors from threats on all sides. Meanwhile, in the forgotten corners of the world… ancient entities stir… finding opportunity in catastrophe. Some whisper that there are even worse things coming…

This is an alternate, apocalyptic timeline of the Abantey Game Universe. These campaigns involve serious, mature themes and are designed specifically for adults.

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Apoc-Abantey 1 Blog ( limited space available – Ages 21+) (3rd Saturday, 6 – 11 PM)

Rumors abound that some of the powerful and infamous adventurers of this group are responsible for the God Fall. None of that matters now as they are trapped in the Lands of Ta’as as the winter deepens and the cities burn …

Apoc-Abantey 2 Blog (FULL – follow our story! Ages 21+) (2nd & 4th Saturday, noon – 5 PM)

Some how, some way, it has fallen on this band of misfits and outcasts to unify rival powers jockeying to establish – or reestablish – their hold on this world. Will their guile and diplomacy build a coalition that can rebuild Abantey? Or will they inadvertently launch a full-scale war for who shall rule over the ashes?

Apoc-Abantey 3 Blog (FULL – follow our story! Ages 21+) (2nd & 4th Sunday, noon – 5 PM)

These heroes were new to their professions when the Creators fell from the sky and the world was thrown into chaos. Now they travel the area around the ruins of the Tabur Hybrid Zone, between the forces of Os’Plajet and the newly formed alliance between the Sla’ar Clan, the remnants of the Guilds, and the mysterious group that has taken over the Silver Sun …

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