Our programs are held inside of our favorite local game store (Dr Comics & Mr Games; 4014 Piedmont Ave., Oakland, CA 94611).

Please call (510.654.3582) or email us if you have questions or would like to enroll.

Request a Program

To request a program that is not listed (school holidays) or a private program at your home or school site (birthday parties & other special events), please contact us!

We believe in learning outside the box – with screen free interactive storytelling games.

The Roleplay Workshop was created in 1989 to use the strengths of tabletop role play gaming to work with adolescents. As a teacher at Archway School in Oakland, Becky began creating the world of Abantey as a personal project. When her students found out what she was working on, they wanted to participate. She ran games as an extracurricular activity for several years, and eventually opened an independent business with both summer and after school programs.

Long time supporters of our programs know how much our hands-on, small group interactive storytelling impacts the lives of our players. Classroom environments can be limiting and boring for some students. Becoming a vibrant contributing adult in our society takes more than just completing a curriculum and passing tests.

Working with small (4 – 6) groups of students, we give players “missions” that create challenging scenarios. These scenarios require logic, common sense, and, most critically, teamwork to solve. With the Abantey system and world, students are also exposed to biology, mathematics, earth sciences, philosophy, and ethics in a supportive and fun environment.

We allow youth to make mistakes in our games. This provides them with the opportunity to learn how to recover as well as develop critical thinking skills that carry over into real life.

Social Skills & Attention Issues

The Roleplay Workshop has been extremely helpful for individuals wishing to develop social and interactive skills or those who need to work on attention issues. We provide a unique peer counseling forum with an atmosphere that is very different from a doctor’s or therapist’s office.

Our gaming environment provides a low-stress and fun atmosphere, that we have found often makes it easier for students to engage with both peers and authority figures, meaningfully contribute, and even develop leadership and self-efficacy skills.

Please contact us if you have a student who is interested in attending our programs so that we can do our best to accommodate his or her needs.