Current Programs

The Roleplay Workshop offers a variety of workshops and tabletop role playing games for youth (ages 14- 17) and adults (ages 18 and up).

Our programs are held inside of our favorite local game store:

Dr Comics & Mr Games, 4014 Piedmont Ave., Oakland, CA 94611

If you have questions please call (510.654.3582) or send us an email.

Request a Program

To request a program that is not listed (school holidays) or a private program at your home or school site (birthday parties & other special events), please contact us!

(ages 14 and up)

We’ve been running games and training Game Masters how to create engaging stories since 1989. We have developed several workshop options that target challenging areas of game design and play.Each of these hands-on workshops is designed to teach specific skills through practice, exercises, and feedback.

Join us to improve your game!

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Youth Programs
(ages 14 to 17)


We have a variety of programs for youth, from ongoing campaigns to single day sessions to summer week-long camping trips.

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Adult Programs
(ages 18 and up)


We offer several groups for adults, using a variety of game systems. Story arcs for these games are geared for adults, and are fast paced, dangerous, embroiling the characters in the greater machinations of each game world.

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