These programs are open to ages 14 and up!

Amaze your players and bring your game to life with our gaming workshops!

The best  moments of being a Game Master happen when your players are amazed and the story seems to flow effortlessly – but as you know, getting to the heroic moment is lot more difficult than it seems. With our 30 years of professional gaming and teaching experience, we’ll work to make your game what you want it to be. Our expertise covers models and terrain, world creation, story and campaign design, incorporating player input, and mediating player conflict. Each of these hands-on workshops is designed to teach specific skills in a dynamic environment that includes exercises and feedback.

  • You can enroll in single workshops at $100 $75.00! per workshop.
  • All three workshops for $225 $180!
  • Early bird registration – single workshops for the 3-Pack price! $75.00 $60.00!

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 Join us to improve your game!

Our programs are held inside of our favorite local game store:

Dr Comics & Mr Games, 4014 Piedmont Ave., Oakland, CA 94611

If you have questions please call (510.654.3582) or send us an email.


Cardboarding, Greebling, and Kit-bashing: Building Terrain and Models

In this five hour hands-on workshop, you’ll learn to craft and detail 3-D terrain and models. We’ll touch on everything from making hills, to buildings, to vehicles (wagons, boats, and even space vessels), to larger structures such as a Mage’s Tower or Deep Space Station. This workshop can by taken by itself or as part of the 3 part series.

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GM-ing Part 1: World, Game, and Story Design

How do you build a game world that is compelling, consistent, and deeply satisfying for your players? What makes an interesting game world? An engaging story? An exciting game campaign? This workshop will provide you with the tools and tricks to design a vibrant world and to develop rich and engaging stories.

We’ll present the fundamentals for creating game worlds, game systems, and designing games, from the single shot adventure to the long running campaign. You will create and present a game outline to the group and we’ll work together give you feedback. We conclude with a Q&A to help you flesh out your game world, fine tune a game system, and design a game scenario. Participants attending Part 2: Running Your Game will be given an assignment at the end of the workshop.

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GM-ing Part 2: Running Your Game

If you are signing up for this workshop without having attended Part 1: World, Game and Story Design, please contact us before enrolling.

The heart of the Game Master experience is creating the proper canvas for the players’ stories to unfold. How do you draw players into a story? Provide opportunity for character development? Structure the arc of a campaign? Respond to players taking the story in an unforeseen direction? Handle player conflict? General disinterest? A game group who can’t put the clues together?

Part 2 begins with presentation of the assignment from Part 1 – running at least ½ hour of the game scenario you created. We’ll provide feedback and help you find solutions to any problems you encounter. We conclude with a Q&A covering challenges to running games and working with your players.

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