Seriously, you have to check this out. Your kids will love you forever!

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Alex was too involved in computer games for my comfort. A friend of his loved Abantey camp and as soon as I signed Alex up, I could see it was perfect for him. Alex got to act out all sorts of scenarios, used a lot of math and problem solving skills and made some great new friends. He’d go every day if he could.  

Alex, has attended Roleplay Workshop since he was in elementary school.  He loved it then and still loves it as a senior in high school.  He can’t wait to go and comes home from every session bubbling over with enthusiasm.  He can’t wait to share his day.   

Becky Thomas, the director, is brilliant with kids and teenagers both.  She’s a unique influence in their lives – not mom, not a teacher, and certainly not there to take any nonsense – but the kids love her and the game she so beautifully crafted.  The game itself is a terrific one because it has all of the complexities of role-playing games without being on a computer.  The kids interact and enjoy themselves over a table and not a screen.  They even sneak out to play ultimate frisbee in the park.   

Seriously, you have to check this out.  Your kids will love you forever!

Jackie W. October 28, 2016

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