Calling it merely a game does not give credit to the true legacy and magic that Becky has created here.

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The Roleplay Workshop really helped develop and shape who I am today. Calling it merely a game does not give credit to the true legacy and magic that Becky has created here. Not only did I make countless lifelong friends but my grades also improved and I developed and grew as a person holistically. I had the privilege to play for several years before eventually becoming a staff member in the program. The rigorous training and support I received as a staff member was some of the most in-depth and relevant training I have received and beats or rivals any subsequent employment in the following decade as I entered the official working career world.

Being able to interact with so many different personalities, characters, individuals, and create stories together is incredibly enriching and fulfilling. Staff and players get to customize practically all aspects of each game and their feedback and troubleshooting helps improve the program making it more accessible, fun, and inspiring for future generations of gamers. If you read the story of the Whale Leech in the manual, you will find our staff group’s lasting legacies written and edited by program alumni. If you continue with the program, I have no doubts that you will also get to go on incredibly journeys and be inspired to write down your memories for the next generations to come.

I often look back fondly on the days I played the role-play workshop and remember how much I grew from the experience. I also have no doubts that it played an influential role in my college applications process which led to my admittance and graduation from UCLA.

Becky and the staff that she has trained have all been some of the warmest, caring, encouraging, creative, friendly, and intelligent individuals that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Do yourself a favor and take advantage of this amazing opportunity to participate in this program.

Max M. October 30, 2016

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