I believe it helps him do real life problem solving

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My 13 year old son has been going to Abantey for 2 or so years. He goes during spring and winter break from school and as many weeks as he can during the summer (when he’s not at sleepaway camp and we’re not on vacation). He LOVES it. It is role play games…it is also learning math, learning about human character, how to become a better person….what do you have to do to evolve to another level…I actually don’t really understand it fully…I think you have to do it to understand it. My son spends time working in his Abantey workbook at home, he has discussions with his other Abantey friends about the different beings and characters they’ve come up with…. I believe it helps him do real life problem solving. Becky Thomas, the creator of Abantey is wonderful. I highly recommend it, if you can handle schlepping to Piedmont twice a day.

They go out during lunch and run around A LOT playing ultimate frisbee, in case you’re concerned about them sitting around all day. Try it for a week and see how your son likes it…. have fun!

June October 30, 2016

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