I will be signing my kid up for extra weeks this summer.

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My son is going back for his second time this summer and can’t wait. He loves The Roleplay Workshop – including all the math, detailed “world” rules and information he learns and the game itself. Each game lasts one week, and each table has one game team. It’s similar, I think, to D&D, with heavy science and math and a lot of fun too.

His creativity, critical thinking and sense of adventure are all activated during the camp. He’s also getting better at frisbee (they take the kids out once a day for a long break to work up a sweat at a local park).

I will be signing my kid up for extra weeks this summer. Just fantastic.

One note, it’s mostly boys. Seems to not be as exciting to girls, but when girls sign up, they get the best characters. And of course, rule the board since they are natural strategists. – Jenny S.

The Roleplay Workshop has been the perfect extra-curricular activity for my 17 year-old as he has a very creative intellect and he is not particularly into team sports.

This program provides the socialization and teamwork you get from team sports, while building on problem-solving/mathematic skills and allowing the kids to be creative. My son has been attending for 6 years…even though we moved from Oakland to the suburbs a couple years ago, my son still wanted to continue, going two Saturdays a month and summer camps.

Only negative I can come up with is that parking can be difficult on Piedmont Ave…

Becky and her crew are terrific.They are dedicated to providing a safe, fun atmosphere to help kids mature outside of a school environment. I know some people perceive role playing games as some bizarre thing that nerdy kids do but when done well, as this outfit does it, it can be a very valuable experience. Do your kids a favor and get them off the computer and over to the Roleplay Workshop!

Daphne A. October 28, 2016

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