It motivated me to challenge myself with Advanced Placement science courses

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Abantey is the only program I’ve ever experienced that offers the adventures of fantasy with a game realistic enough to be believable, but creative enough to allow you to do anything reasonable that you can imagine. It allows you to create a character and follow them through the amazing adventures of their lives while training and learning. I wish I could put into words all that Abantey can offer your student. Abantey is built on a foundation of physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, and the other sciences. The students create characters that tax their imaginations and creativity as well as their mathematical skills–from probability to computation. The students then have to interact, cooperate, and problem solve to work with the other students to accomplish a goal. It not only works on natural and social sciences and math, it works on social skills and simple everyday decision-making. Abantey was not only my favorite activity for much of high school, it was the single program which gave me the desire to learn. It motivated me to challenge myself with Advanced Placement science courses and it enabled me to directly apply what I learned. I cannot think of a better program for students. It was a great after school and weekend activity that I enjoyed more than any other and at the same time it was a major cause of my academic motivation and success. I cannot stress how much Abantey is to thank for my successes.

Seiji Carpenter October 30, 2016

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