It’s their favorite summer activity!

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How about the Roleplay Workshop summer day camps? I already posted information about them in the ”schools, preschools & camps” newsletter, but here it is again. As we’re all looking ahead to summer and finding activities for our kids/teens, I’d like to make sure everybody knows about a fantastic weekly summer program called ”The Roleplay Workshop”. The program is located in a loft above Dr. Comics and Mr. Games on Piedmont Avenue in Oakland. (They also walk to a local park for lunch and ultimate frisbee games in the afternoon.)

Do your kids like fantasy, science fiction, or other imaginary worlds? If so, the Roleplay Workshop may be perfect for them. My two kids both started as soon as they turned 10 years old and this summer will be their 4th and 6th years attending. It’s their favorite summer activity! My daughter says ”Roleplay Workshop is a great place to have fun and express yourself.” My son says ”Roleplay Workshop is fun for beginning and advanced players.”

Sharon October 30, 2016

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