My son loves the program

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My son has been attending the Roleplay Workshop after school for about 4 years now, and loves it. It is run by Rebecca Thomas, who is an experienced teacher. It’s designed for kids 9 & up – with separate sessions for teens. It’s a place where the kids can create a character and then work with the others to solve complicated mysteries. See their web site for more info. Kids can sign up for 1 or more afternoons per week, and there are also school vacation and holiday all-day sessions. It’s held at the Dr. Comics & Mr. Games store on Piedmont Ave in Oakland, and kids come from Berkeley as well as Oakland. As the kids gain experience, there is also the chance to learn game-master skills. My son loves the program. I’d be happy to give more info if anyone wants more specifics. The phone number of the program is 510-654-3582.

RolePlay Workshop parent October 30, 2016

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