Playing Abantey has also been a beneficial social experience for me.

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I’ve participated in Roleplay Workshop programs for about ten years. I started as an elementary school student attending the summer and winter break sessions, and now I play in one of the weekend game groups for adults. I highly recommend this program to adults and adolescents who are interested in storytelling.

Abantey is pretty different from the typical RPG experience because it only exists as part of a single, small, local business. All Abantey games are run by a few select people who have the ability to coordinate with one another, led by the amazing Becky Thomas, who designed the game system and created the fictional universe in which the game takes place. The great advantage of this is that all the games take place in one huge, internally consistent world. Events in one group’s game, including the decisions of the players, can be integrated into a larger storyline that influences other groups’ experience. Advanced players can even be involved in events that affect  the future of the entire world. Part of the game manual is devoted to major historical events and legends of the world, most of which come from actual games and many of which were written down by the players themselves. For me, this is one of the most rewarding aspects of Abantey.

Playing Abantey has also been a beneficial social experience for me. As a shy teenager, my afterschool game group was one of the only environments where I felt comfortable with a group of other adolescents.

Hannah D. October 30, 2016

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