They will probably love Abantey as much as my kids do!

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Does your child (age 12 and up) love fantasy, adventure, and roleplaying games like Dungeons and Dragons? Then they will probably love Abantey as much as my kids do! Abantey is an interactive storytelling game that: a) teaches students math, science, and problem solving skills, b) allows youth to work through complicated mysteries to create their own story, c) teaches youth personal responsibility both in the game and in real world using fantasy scenarios, d) allows youth to experiment, succeed, fail, and learn in a safe environment that teaches about real life consequences, e) is *completely* computer and technology free with a focus on interaction between players and making new friends, f) allows youth to become a hero and maybe even the stuff of legends! Abantey was created by a classroom educator, but my kids think it’s just plain fun. The programs are held inside of a local game store (Dr Comics & Mr Games; 4014 Piedmont Ave., Oakland), and include a summer day camp (M-F, 9am-5pm) with extended care available as well as school year programming (after school and Saturdays). Check out their website for more information:

Fan of Abantey October 30, 2016

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