09/30/367 C.O.R.E. Alert

Nov 29, 2016Apoc-Abantey, Apoc-Abantey 3

Abantey Date: 9/30/367 A.L.

Lt. Adelise Infaraga – C.O.R.E. Field Coordinator, Anjos Branch

Subject Matter: Strange Happenings at Ash’s Tower (CONFIDENTIAL)

Urgency Level: Yellow, Report to all commanding officers

To all associated parties, we’ve received an update from the group we dispatched to salvage resources from the ruins of Ash’s Tower. Please note, updates were expected on a daily basis, and our first contact with them was 7 days past their planned arrival.

We received Emerald contact at 5:07 P.M. on 9/30/367 from our agent Bok. She requested a caravan with an accomplished healer be sent up immediately. She detailed that one of our other agents, Toshiko, had undergone some sort of fit and had to be incapacitated. Agent Bok added that she should be taken back to Anjos, healed and restrained.

When pushed for more information, Bok admitted that the group discovered Toshiko’s mind was Emerald programmed and would likely to jeopardize the mission. Recommend: review of Toshiko’s file, send her to our allies who can deal with this kind of situation.

Furthermore, Agent Bok seemed surprised when we told her that a week had passed without any contact from the salvage crew. She told us that further delays should be expected, as they had found “something big” in the Amethyst space around the Tower but that the situation was dangerous and communication might be impossible for some time.

By the time our backup units arrived to pick up Toshiko, the rest of the group was nowhere to be found. Please advise for any further action.

List of Recipients: C.O.R.E. Headquarters, Slaar Clan Annex, Gil Sheriff’s Office

Postscript: Get this to the folks over at the Silver Sun too – recommend transfer of our problematic asset over to them.

-J. Albers