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In our game worlds – like in other tabletop roleplaying games – you play the character in a story and your decisions affect the outcome of that story. Unlike other roleplaying games, our narratives intertwine the stories of many players and game groups into one living world – expanding your adventure to an epic scale.

Our game masters have decades of experience creating compelling and exciting stories for everyone. Join a team of other players and become the heroes of a world in peril, discover lost secrets, and perhaps even change the course of history. Story arcs are geared to engage each group of players, from role play focused to fast paced and dangerous, all of them entangling the characters in the greater machinations of each game world.

How do tabletop roleplaying games work?

If you’re not familiar with tabletop roleplaying games, here is how it works! There are several people and things needed to play.

The Game Master (GM) creates the adventure, controls the flow of the game, interprets the rules, and plays the roles of all the people your characters will meet.

The players – like you – control their own characters. Your character is like a character in a book, complete with a personality, physical description, and skills. Some of the aspects of your character are determined by numbers and others by how you choose to play your character, and are limited only by your imagination. Two players could have characters with the exact same numbers and play them so differently that they are clearly distinct. That’s part of the fun of a tabletop roleplaying game – using your imagination to create a unique and memorable character.

The last part of a tabletop roleplaying game is the ‘system’. This is the mechanics of how situations in the game are resolved. Each game has its own mechanics, using dice and a variety of rules.

Some game systems are ‘light’ and have very few rules and don’t use many different kinds of dice. These games utilize more imagination, story creation, and cooperative resolution between you and the game master.

Other game systems are ‘heavy’ and use several kinds of dice with detailed, often very realistic, systems of rules to determine outcomes during game play. These systems allow you to have a very granular level of control of how you approach and resolve challenges in the game.

How big are the groups?

Gaming groups are kept small with parties ranging from four to eight players. A manageable group size ensures each player has a chance to develop their character’s story within the party’s greater narrative.

What are the game worlds like?

We run games using several different game worlds. For each game world, our Game Masters design unique settings that are truly responsive to the players’ actions. Unlike commercial, pre-packaged modules, our game worlds are living worlds where each group’s campaign is created through a symbiosis of the player and the game master. More than thirty years of world creation gives you a uniquely vivid and immersive experience.

We hold games throughout the week

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We have game groups that meet on Friday evenings, Saturday day and evening, and Sunday day. We are available to start new groups that meet during the week, either in the day or evening.

Play in person or remotely

Local gaming in Oakland, CA

Attend games in-person in Oakland. Get the full tabletop roleplaying experience: miniatures, maps, and the click clack of dice rolling.

We’re fully vaccinated and take precautions to keep our players safe.

 All players joining in-person are required to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19.

Remote gaming on Zoom

Take part in epic adventures from the comfort of your own home!

All of our games are remote-accessible through Zoom. Multiple cameras and adept game masters with more than fifteen years experience with remote players enables you to feel like you’re at the table.

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