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Adventure in settings from science fiction to fantasy

Game Masters and players collaborate to create each rich and vivid world. Our game systems range from straightforward to complex, and our groups can serve everyone, from beginners to experienced players.

This game system is complex and allows players to have granular control over their character’s mechanics.

In 1988, Becky began creating a roleplaying game world featuring powerful gods, distinctive cultures and ancestries, a unique magic system, and game mechanics designed to model realistic combat. Thousands of hours of gameplay and hundreds of players have shaped the world and game system. In this sandbox game world, the players shape the world, exploring the world and cultures, diving into complex political intrigue, and creating new challenges for future players.

Behind it all is a mysterious secret about how the world works – join us and see if you can figure it out!

Abantey: 381 After Lore

Thousands of years ago, seven Creators – beings of immense knowledge and power – founded the world of Abantey. Each shaped a land and people that are a reflection of their Ways. The peoples of Abantey are divided between those who are Marked and follow the Ways of their Creator, or Rogue – those who have broken away from the Creators’ Ways and seek to forge their own future.

The world has traveled a tangled path since Lore first freed the Rogues from the constraints of the Creator’s Ways. A planet wide tsunami called The Wave broke the lands apart. Shadows attacked twice from the realms of Amethyst. The Sakeet Ways were challenged, first by the Zamen, then The Runts, and finally the death of the Historian. The Overfiend sent forces of Hybrids to ravage the planet from the Amethyst domain.

Now is the time of the return of the 8th Creator – Os’Dagat. She battles against the Great Deceiver – Kagubot – after triggering the Reawakening of the Creators. Political intrigues large and small have reshaped alliances, and created new ones.

What will you do in this changing world?

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The Creators and their stars have fallen from the sky. The Guilds are in full collapse. Coastal trade cities are ravaged by tsunami. Mountains weep fire and brimstone. The sky fills with ash. Those who survive wonder why – how could this happen? Which of the Creators still live, and what will they do now? Who will rise to power to save Abantey, or ruin it?

It’s up to the few remaining intrepid adventurers to find an answer to these questions while saving the desperate survivors from threats on all sides. Meanwhile, in the forgotten corners of the world… ancient entities stir… finding opportunity in catastrophe. Some whisper that there are even worse things coming…

This is an alternate, apocalyptic timeline of the Abantey Game Universe. These campaigns involve serious, mature themes and are designed specifically for adults.

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This game system is simple and focuses on story, roleplay interactions, and combat.

The classic tabletop roleplaying game – it’s been around since the 1970’s – uses a simple system of dice rolls and rules. D&D is about storytelling in worlds of swords and sorcery with classic fantasy elements – dwarves and elves, dragons and demons, magic and mystery.

The Legacy of Krenn

Long ago, long after the great war against the undead, the Seven Towers fell beneath the hammers of the gods and the flame of arcane magic flickered out.

The Legacy of Krenn is set at the beginning of a new dawn of magic. But along with the return of magic comes an ancient evil – the undead have risen once again to plague the living. Heroes are born and alliances are forged as you fight to push back the darkness!

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This game system is easy to learn and emphasizes action.

Cyberpunk, first published in 1990, is the original roleplaying game of the dark future — a world of corporate assassins, heavy-metal heroes and brain-burning hackers packed with cutting edge technology and intense urban action.

We use the original game system of Cyberpunk 2020, with house rules to fit our current technological trajectory.

2035: Shemp Pirudy’s Freedom Network

Becky’s Cyberpunk games are set in the near future of the Bay Area. There are rumors that there is a connection between Becky’s Cyberpunk and Abantey settings. The setting explores the growing chasm between the haves and the have-nots, the conflicts between corporations, and the emergence of genetic abnormalities in humans.

Shemp Pirudy is a hero of dark net social platforms, telling it like it is, shining a light into the darkness of corporate greed and rallying the downtrodden. Our heroes are the Angels of Freedom, working out of the West Oakland Combat Zone to fight corporate deception and human experimentation!

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