About The Roleplay Workshop

Custom crafted tabletop roleplaying games in epic settings!

About us

The Roleplay Workshop was created in 1989 to use the strengths of tabletop role play gaming to work with adolescents. As a teacher at Archway School in Oakland, Becky began creating the world of Abantey as a personal project. When her students found out what she was working on, they wanted to participate. She ran games as an extracurricular activity for several years, and eventually opened an independent business with both summer and school year programs.

Over the years, the program has expanded, introducing not only non-alumni to our game, but also adding other role play systems, including CyberPunk and Dungeons & Dragons 5e.

Our games focus on creating a rich worlds and character development. These games provide an escape from everyday stresses, creating a place to relax with friends, and exercise minds, imaginations, and creativity.

Unlike commercial roleplaying game systems which use pre-packaged ‘modules’, Abantey, and our other game worlds, are living worlds where each group’s campaign is a created through a symbiosis of the player and the game master. Thirty years of world and material creation results in a uniquely vivid and immersive experience.