12/23/380 Sabo

Dec 15, 2016Abantey, Abantey 4

Our Quiet is shattered by a revelation

12/23/380 A.L. 

From the journal of Rowan Sierra

Today should have been like every other day of the past three years, barring that (admittedly disappointing) time Ra-Na and Lycia drank Spherical-Amethyst. A quiet morning of tending the grounds and garden with Francis, a trip into town to visit the local street kids, and if I was lucky, a low-profile job from the Librarian’s Guild. Instead, Ur Ravi, Ra-Na, and our friend Roa came rushing home with news of a bizarre anomaly sighted about ten miles down-river by the trade vessel Swift: a dome of immovable fog, three miles wide and a quarter mile high, that repels both people and animals.

Mundane investigators of Guild and Creator were also unable to approach, though Baluud seem to be able to get closer than most. Additionally, there are reports of an unusual number of dolphins and whales in the vicinity. Last I heard, the Guilds and Embassies were preparing to send a delegation of Adventurers, as well as Feeshan and Plajet Priesten, come morning.

We would have been content to leave it there, being ourselves rather far down the list of candidates, except that Ra-Na showed unusual interest at the mention of whales. Under our relentless prying, she revealed a shocking secret: there are an Eighth People and Creator on Abantey, a People of Whales hidden away from some malevolent force. When she encountered them almost four years ago at a crashed Shadow ship (an issue to be explored later) off the coast of Katman, they displayed incredible power and prowess with magic. They were able to use something like Emerald magic to broadcast through every defense in a miles-wide area. Ra-na, herself a frighteningly powerful mage, claimed that their magics are on a scale far beyond anything we possess, or at least so different as to be beyond our ability to counter.

If the fog dome is the work of these Whales, I can only pray that the naivety Ra-na mentioned will make them more inclined to peaceful talk that confrontation. If it does not…I wish Thaum was here, because we are going to need more Mages.

– K. Pincombe