Musings of Fury – 1

Humans. They prattle on and on about minutiae that are largely irrelevant to the vastness of the world. The carriage and its passengers were the only thing of significance, harbingers of the return of dire times. Chambers’ prognostication and scrutiny of ancient texts and dubious legend has been substantiated. The undead have returned.

Impersonating a noblewoman and her retainers, a necromancer and its ghoul minions mingled with the nobles, gathering intelligence before leaving in the dead of night, slaughtering the guards at the Lowe estate’s eastern perimeter. High Priestess Stora Ward detailed Chambers, the Richter, and me to accompany Sabri Lowe, a squad of his soldiers, his chamberlin Caver and his servant Mouse to hunt down the abominations. Lady Elindra chose to accompany us for reasons I cannot comprehend.

We were ambushed by a ghoul at a field camp one day’s ride out from the estate. We defeated it, however the Richter was injured. Elindra’s skills as a healer proved useful, however her complete disregard for the Richter’s vow of purity nearly gave me cause to execute my duties as a Fury.

We traveled on to Gluck. Lowe’s profligate distribution of his wealth procured more than adequate lodging and supplies. The necromancer exchanged its carriage for a more discrete wagon, and continued east. The Richter, Chambers, Carver, and I visited the Church of the Underworld to discuss the return of the undead. They provided us with three holy swords for fighting the abominations,  and a priestess, Hasara.

We traveled onward to Odile. The endless talking with everyone – street children, brothel workers, harbor workers, priests of the Temple of Septara, people on a boat the necromancer visited, city guards, the city chancellor, warehouse workers – and arcane nonsense with ghoul body parts gave the necromancer time to accomplish a loathsome ritual which resulted in the deaths, or half deaths, of Seth Grue of the Gluck house of Crane, and his retainers, and escape up river.

After a heated battle with re-animated children left by the necromancer on the ship Zephyr, we took a body we discovered to the Septara Temple, where we determined that the necromancer’s vile ritual had removed the brain and organs from the body, and placed the spirit of Seth Grue into the it. The body, that of Gue’s retainer from Semma, was to be sent home. We decided to go with the body to Semma in hopes of intercepting the Necromancer. Elindra did not continue with us.

The time on the river was generally tedious. Sabri did insist that Mouse and Carver learn the basic use of weapons, a tactically sound decision as they are our weakest fighters and we head into peril. Signs of the taint of the Necromancer continued as we journeyed – horrific screeches in our minds, nightmares. We stopped in uneventfully in Bail.

The river seemed strangely familiar to me, and I discovered I had previously unknown skills working on a river ship. In Stilt I learned that my body had traveled through the village on the way to the Main Temple of Honor and Justice. Additionally, an old man recognized me from a group of pirates who raided up and down the river 25 years ago. I have no memory of this. I had believed that I fell to my death when I was a teen as a foot soldier in a minor war only seven years ago.

We encountered a group of pirates between Stilt and Moss Landing. The battle was swift and decisive. In Moss Landing, bits and pieces of my past came to me. I recognized more ship banners, lending credence to the old man’s memory of me from 25 years ago.

The mayor of Moss Landing and envoys from Semma were there to pick up the body of their fallen family member – the corpse desecrated by the Necromancer in Odile. We traveled with them by carriage and horseback up the coast to Semma. Semma was familiar to me. We informed the Lord of the contemptible necromancy inflicted upon his son,

Afterward, the Richter went to pray in the Sept of the God of the Sky – Hexhelios. By the blessings of Zoll, god of Honor, I was resurrected after a battle in this territory, thus I went with Chambers and Carver to see if the Sept library had any historical documents that might provide further information about my past and my death. There we discovered that I was recruited to war and piracy not 10 years ago, but 35 years ago.

Alarmingly, the Richter revealed that he had had a vision pertaining to our task. He and Hasara discussed it’s meaning. We then went to prepare for the formal dinner with the Lord and his family. As we were preparing, I heard the Richter cry out, and when I went to his rooms, he revealed a scar on his chest identical to my death wound.  

By the hand of Zoll, marked by death, vision, and scar, our lives and futures are intertwined, it cannot be any clearer.

As always, the meal, while tasty, was soured by incessant conversational posturing. Blessedly, it was interrupted by the Lord’s servant informing of a message of an orc attack to the north. Interrogation of the messenger sends us back up the river to the town of Reed. We were required to divide our force, some of us on a river barge, and the body of our warriors by land.

While traveling, it is revealed that Sabri and the others learned that there has been a larger than normal military presence up north, comprised of people of Semma, a city-state near Moss Landing. A strange looking man was seen, by the townspeople, traveling on a small, four-person boat that was headed up to that area. He was covered in scars, wearing leather armor, and carrying knives.

Reed was a charred wasteland. Uncharacteristically for orcs, the town is completely destroyed, all the the villages killed, and signs of ritual, ancient symbols for death and chaos. Back to the river in hopes of catching up with the Orcs and the people they extracted from Reed.

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