11/18/367 The Destination Draws Near

Abantey Date: 11/18 – 11/21/367 A.L.

Excerpts from Captain Ra Mano Tev Aoturoa Singa’s Log

Havalok Ship: Kohana Machteld (Swift, Mighty in Battle)

Our ultimate objective is now close at hand – finally the High Priesten have halted these unnecessary diversions in the Rogue Lands and have agreed to set off for the Tabur Area.

I must admit that I am anxious to discover what has become of my family members stationed at the Sakeet Temple in New Hope. I hope that Os’Sakeet gave them the foresight to survive these trying times.

On the second day we found a traveler adrift at sea, barely alive and clinging on to a scrap of driftwood. We rescued the Baluud-Ta’as man – and seeing that he was a Rogue – allowed our Rogues to deal with him.

Under Chasah’s watchful eye, the Rogue’s discovered that this man’s name was Venoran Naronev. He is apparently the Rogue equivalent of a historian… and well-versed in magic. This Venoren seemed quite taken with the Rogue’s tales of their adventures and immediately sought to join them in their journey.

Despite this unexpected event, we did not delay further in making way to the Tabur Area. In consultation with our Rogue passengers, it was decided that we would make landfall at the Silver Sun Academy. While our intelligence on the area is several months old, the Rogues assured us that this protected cove was farthest from Os’Plajet’s sphere of influence. It was also likely that the Academy had been abandoned after the Creators’ Fall.

The Rogue Don Quixote revealed that he was in fact one of the founders of this Silver Sun – and seemed comforted that we would be returning there.

As we approached the cove, the Rogues’ seem disconcerted – they say their reprehensible Emerald magic is blind to the goings on around the Academy. The decision was made to send a brodic with Chasah and the Rogues once again to scout the area for dangers before risking our ships and crew. Thankfully, Bar Egon has remained with us, his skills as a chef are beyond comparison. We’ve made landfall several miles down the coast… we eagerly await for news from Chasah.

-J. Albers

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