11/21/367 Chasah Returns

Abantey Date: 11/21 – 11/22/367 A.L.

Excerpts from Captain Ra Mano Tev Aoturoa Singa’s Log

Havalok Ship: Kohana Machteld (Swift, Mighty in Battle)

Chasah has returned… without our Rogue passengers.

The Silver Sun Academy is not, in fact, abandoned.

She speaks of a large number of Rogues living there now… Rogues who possess the magics of the Creators, though I shudder to write it.

I could sense the tension in Chasah’s voice. She went on to say that these were survivors of a hierarchy that has directed the Rogue Movement since its inception. They are led by a man named Stryker – a conspirator of Lore’s original band of apostates and traitors.

Chasah, her scouts, and our Rogue passengers were questioned by these First Rogues. Chasah says they took an interest in our passengers, and said they had use for them elsewhere… though they did not tell Chasah what exactly that might be.

In terms of the cities and towns around Tabur, these First Rogues claimed that everything north of Vermor now belongs to Os’Plajet.

Everything south was governed by something called ‘Core’ –  a coalition between Common Rogues, Ex-Marked peoples, these First Rogues at the Silver Sun… and the Slaar Clan.

There was much muttering among the crew at the news that the Slaar still live. It has been many generations since Shara Slaar desecrated the Ways of Sakeet.

We have not forgotten. Os’Sakeet charged Shara with the sacred task restoring honor to the Slaar – after the indecent transgressions of their Matriarch. Shara failed… knowingly and grossly violating the Ways and the Code of our people in the act. The order was given to wipe the Slaar from the histories, and yet Shara created a new mockery of a ‘Clan’, with its own foul counterfeit ‘Ways’. A travesty of mongrel folk of all races.

We shall see what has become of them. Just as the heretical Zamen were wiped from existence, perhaps the Slaar too will finally face justice for Shara’s treachery.

When Ra Halcyon asked Chasah for details of their defenses and exact numbers, Chasah grew quiet with a dark look. And then: “There is a Tower. They know why we are here. They are watching us.”

Ra Halcyon then requested that I depart so she could speak with Chasah alone. I cannot help but wonder what the two Priesten discuss. As interpreters of the Ways, I am honor-bound to heed their words. That being said, I feel that many – far too many – traditions have already been set aside since the Godstars wept fire upon the earth.

With Os’Plajet fallen into darkness and the return of these duplicitous First Rogues… the Path of Honor has become narrow and winding in these blighted lands. I pray that the Code will guide our next steps.

-J. Albers

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